Freighting Solutions During the Global Shipping Crisis

It’s almost Christmas season, and the reliability of freighting globally is at an all-time low.

Source: Sea Intelligence 2021

This crisis is due to global port shutdowns, a global container imbalance, and increases in costs across the entire industry, leading to severe delays due to port congestion. 

Despite all of these challenges, McHugh & Eastwood are here to provide our clients with the support they need to get their shipments arriving on-time and on-budget.

McHugh & Eastwood’s Courier Solutions 

Tailored for your smaller consignments

Couriering and freighting are both useful services, and have their advantages and disadvantages depending on what you’re transporting.

Courier shipping refers to shipping for small consignments around the globe, especially those weighing under 100 kilograms. These services are excellent for small commercial consignments.

Online courier services are also one of the most affordable options available for shipping documents and packages. 

How does couriering work with a freight forwarder? 

Freight forwarders like McHugh & Eastwood liaise between you and the courier to ensure a smooth transportation of your goods; including tasks such as billing, customer clearance, documentation and international import-export legalities. 

We guide our clients to choose their courier based on their availability, timing, type of service, safety and cost. 

McHugh and Eastwood can offer services based on all of the major courier and small parcel providers, including: 

  • TNT
  • DHL
  • UPS

However, as this is a third party service, McHugh & Eastwood are not involved in the end-to-end forwarding or final customs clearance, and therefore this service is not suitable for urgent or time critical cargo movements.

A note to our McHugh & Eastwood Clients: 

As some suppliers may have access to ME’s courier account details, we kindly ask that for our clients to not book on our accounts directly, and instead alert your McHugh & Eastwood Customer Service Representative of any new courier bookings so we can manage the booking internally.

Please note that GST/Duty will need to be paid to the carrier directly before they can release any consignments for final delivery. For courier bookings, the GST/Duty will need to be paid to the carrier directly before they can release any consignments for final delivery.

Oceanfreight arrival delivery timing

What to expect

So you’ve got a shipment that’s too big or too urgent for couriering services? Not a worry. McHugh & Eastwood have a speedy process that simplifies the freight forwarding process  via our own network of Oceanfreight and Airfreight services. 

Please see below the standard turn around times for FCL and LCL shipments that are arriving into Australia.

Full Container Load: Typically 3-5 days 

  • After arrival, the vessel will take a minimum of 48 hours to discharge and unload all containers
  • 2-3 days prior to the vessel arrival, the terminal will post and share their availability window, allowing transport carriers to slot their allocated containers.
  • Each carrier and forwarder will have a 3-day window to collect and receive delivery of their container. Additional charges may apply if the importer cannot receive delivery within the window of allocated time. This could be due to a variety of reasons, including outstanding payments and missing documentation.
  • Approximate turnaround from arrival into port to the end of delivery is 3-5 days.

Less than Container Load: Typically 5-9 days 

  • The LCL container will follow the same process as above, however once slotted and collected from the terminal, the container will be scheduled for unpacking.
  • The unpacking process depends on the CFS Depot (Container Freight Station), but on average is a 2-3 day process. Approximate turnaround from arrival into port to the end of delivery is 5-9 days.
  • At ME, we unpack our LCL Consolidated containers on the first available day, and execute the final delivery the next business day, meaning our turnaround is approximately 3-5 days. How’s that for speedy!

The key here is to have the right global partners to manage the logistics of your freighting needs.

At McHugh & Eastwood, we’re locally invested and globally connected,  and can guide your shipments whether it’s couriering, freighting, or anything in between. 

So, whether it’s courier or freight shipping you need, have peace of mind knowing your cargo is in the best hands possible with McHugh & Eastwood. 

Globally connected,
locally invested.