Exporting Technicalities: Export Declaration Number

Exporting goods involve many steps and technicalities, depending on several exporting factors. All exported goods leaving Australia require an Export Declaration Number (EDN) for various reasons relevant to the exporting process. So, what is an Export Declaration Number?

The Export Declaration Number (EDN)

An Export Declaration Number is a code issued by the Australian Border Force (ABF) that consists of nine alphanumeric characters and is issued once an Export Declaration has been complied by the exporter.

The Export Declaration is a statement that provides Australian Customs the information about the exported goods and export transaction. All mandatory fields on the Export Declaration must be complied before the goods are exported.

While Australian Customs may assist exporters in filling up information on this form, they are only limited to providing general advice. It is in an exporter’s best interests to request the help from a customs broker or Freight Forwarder to help fill up the form and address any related clearance technicalities.

What sort of goods require an Export Declaration?

Here are four types of goods that need to be declared through an Export Declaration:

  1. Goods with value higher than 2000 AUD
  2. Any form of goods that require an export permit
  3. Goods where duty drawback is being claimed
  4. Any dutiable or excisable goods where duty or excise duty is unpaid

The following are the types of goods exempted from the Export Declaration requirement:

  1. Goods with value lower than 2000 AUD
  2. Personal effects
  3. Goods temporarily imported under section 162A of the Customs Act 1901
  4. Pets
  5. Australia Post or diplomatic bags of mail
  6. Australian aircraft and ships’ spares
  7. Military goods of any value that are the property of Australian Government, for use overseas by Australian Defence Forces
  8. Australian domestic cargo
  9. Containers for the internal carriage of cargo and ships’ stores

Processing exports have certain steps and technicalities that are crucial for smooth delivery. Attention to detail is important for proper compliance. To acquire an Export Declaration Number, it is in your best interest to hire a customs broker or agent to assist you with fulfilment and processing. McHugh and Eastwood have the expertise and the industry knowledge to support you with your export. We are your reliable freight forwarding partner that will help you minimise risk, and provide the expertise needed to assist with your cargo, shipment and freight forwarding needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your shipment.

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