BMSB Season 2023-2024

Once again, as we approach another BMSB season, we share learnings from last year and updates for this year. Measures apply to goods shipped between 1st September and 30th April as sea cargo.

Learnings from 2022-2023 BMSB Season

  1. Not treating Break Bulk, Open Top, Flat Rack prior to loading
  • If transhipping, please treat in that port of call
  • Onshore treatment will not be permitted
  1. Exceeding 120 hour post treatment window
  • Break Bulk, Open Top and Flat Rack containers will require re-treatment at transhipment port.
  • Does not apply for goods treated after 1st December
  1. Mixing untreated target high risk goods with non-target risk goods
  • Removal of lines will not be permitted
  • Do not mix tariffs because it only applies to certain tariffs
  • Applies to the manufacturing start date and not end date
  • Refers to the current BMSB risk season

Updates for 2023-2024:

  • Main measures remain the same
  • Uzbekistan was added as a new country
  • All break bulk, flat racks and open tops must be treated offshore prior to arrival to Australia
    • If goods have been shipped untreated and are transhipping, they need to be treated in the transhipment port to prevent re-export on arrival into Australia
    • If you discover untreated break bulk before arrival, you need to advise the department at
    • Tariff’s 39, 94 and 95 are subject to random inspection for emerging risk countries only – UK and China

Here’s a link to the Consignment Suitability Information for goods to be treated for BMSB.

Any target high risk or target risk goods manufactured in, or shipped from a target risk country are subject to BMSB seasonal measures.

  • Target high risk goods – require mandatory treatment
  • Target risk goods – subject to random inspections

To learn more, you may refer to the DAFF BMSB FAQ page.

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