Updated Restrictions on the Import and Manufacture of Air Conditioning Equipment

Starting 1st July 2024, the import and manufacture of small air conditioning equipment using refrigerant with a global warming potential (GWP) over 750 will be banned in Australia. 

The policy will affect equipment designed to use refrigerant over 750 GWP, even if the equipment is imported without refrigerant. This, however applies to equipment with up to a 2.6 kg refrigerant charge (per the compliance/rating plate), where it is intended for use in cooling, heating, or both for the purpose of human comfort. For more information on restrictions, you may visit this link.

The equipment covered includes portable and window/wall units and non-ducted split systems (single and multi-head). Ducted ones used for mobile applications like boats or computer rooms, are not included in the ban.

Lastly, equipment imported or manufactured before 1st July 2024 will be allowed to be sold after the indicated date.

The ban will apply to equipment being imported under an equipment licence and to equipment that could otherwise be imported under the licence exemption for low volume importers. 

Lastly, the ban will not apply to equipment being imported under certain types of exemptions from licence requirements such as:

  • Import of personal equipment
  • Returning Australian equipment
  • Temporary imports

For the full reference on GWP values, you may also visit this link.

For more information about the latest import restrictions, please contact our support team.

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