What Does It Mean To Be Dangerous Goods Trained Staff?

The world of international trade and logistics makes no compromises when it comes to the safe and secured transit of goods. This is why many standards and regulations are imposed upon the industry. Out of all the strict guidelines, one sticks out with paramount importance: the International Maritime Organization’s Dangerous Goods (IMO DG) training. 

Let’s take a close look at the topic and explore the value of having IMO DG-trained staff.

What is IMO DG Training?

To maintain safety and high standards, the United Nations has set up an agency that specialises in regulating the shipping industry: the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Its functions revolve around the safe transport of dangerous goods by sea. The IMO designed comprehensive training programs for logistics professionals that cover:

  • Safety procedures
  • Emergency responses
  • Compliance with international regulations
  • Classification of dangerous goods
  • Proper labeling and documentation
  • Risk assessment and management techniques

What can businesses expect from IMO DG trained partners?

IMO DG training helps the staff gain expertise in handling dangerous goods as they would practise strict adherence to standards and uphold professionalism. Additionally, trained staff would have acquired the skill of anticipating and mitigating potential risks. This in turn results in significantly reduced incidents and increased overall safety scores.

As proper training increases, team members achieve operational efficiency, minimise delays, and shipment becomes a predictable and dependable process. This is something that businesses would appreciate.  

McHugh & Eastwood Team are IMO DG Trained

McHugh & Eastwood sees DG training as something more than a regulatory responsibility, it is a way to reinforce our unwavering commitment to safety and compliance. The landscape of global trade is full of complexities that’s why we pride ourselves in being well-equipped and well-prepared for any challenges. We will leverage any training and technology that will enable us to provide exceptional service. Beyond handling cargo, we carry the trust of our clients and partners with utmost care and unparalleled dedication.

Members of the ME team had recently attended their IMDG Seafreight and IATA DG Courses, which they found very insightful as they were immersed into in-depth training and thoroughly learned how to handle cargo safely, all while working in compliance with regulatory standards.

For more inquiries about our services, you may reach out to our sales team. 

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