Staff Spotlight: Andrew Bakker

Q&A with McHugh & Eastwood’s Andrew Bakker:

With 25 years in the industry, there’s not a lot Andrew Bakker doesn’t know about Freight Forwarding.

We’re lucky to have Andrew as McHugh & Eastwood’s National Sales Manager, who has played a pivotal role in developing existing and new clients across the country.

Learning his skills in operations, and then later in a business development role, we spoke to the Freighting Pro to learn more about his career and beyond.

Before working at McHugh & Eastwood, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever

I drove a cement truck for a little while.

How did you first learn about McHugh & Eastwood?

Being in the industry for some time, McHugh & Eastwood has always been on the radar as they have always had a very good name in the industry. I have known Frank and Aaron the directors for many years and worked with Aaron at Express Logistics when I was the Export Manager there.

How do you balance your career at McHugh & Eastwood and family?

It’s never easy having balance, and I’m not sure that I always get it right, but I take the time out to play golf with my partner, enjoy going out for dinner and spending time in the garden.

How has McHugh & Eastwood helped you in your career development?

McHugh & Eastwood gave me the chance to do sales which I really appreciate. I spent my career until then mainly in exports, and I wasn’t sure if sales was for me, which was worrying. Having the directors’ support has meant that I have been able to grow into the role, and ultimately enjoy the challenge.

What advice do you have for prospective McHugh & Eastwood candidates?

Look after the customer – they are the most important ingredient to your success.

What are 3 words to describe McHugh & Eastwood

Progressive, reasonable and fair.

Are you messy or organised?

I like to be organised in a relaxed way.

What’s the best holiday you’ve been on?

Had a few weeks in Koh Samui with my partner.

Do you have a favourite newspaper or blog?

What’s your favourite travel spot?

Point Addis

How do you define success?

Being happy

So there you have it, from cement truck driver to National Sales Manager, Andrew’s really seen it all.

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