Q&A with McHugh & Eastwood’s Muka Sahingoz:

Muka Sahingoz

Muka has been greatly contributing to the company’s leadership in technological advances by building systems that make processes more efficient. We are truly lucky to have a well-rounded person like Muka as part of our Operations and I.T. Development team.

Get to know Muka more from our Q&A:

What motivates you to work?

I thrive on being presented with challenges and applying technological solutions especially with the day to day tasks which simplifies everyone’s workload.

What do you like most about McHugh & Eastwood?

The people are hands down the best quality I like about M&E. We have a range of characters who make coming into the office enjoyable every day.

What was your most successful moment and what was the key to its success?

In the past, I was employed to do data entry for an international courier company. I noticed that macros could be setup and applied within the software which automated part of the data entry task and increased my efficiency by 20+%. Curiosity to make the task easier led me to this success.

Who is your mentor and what was the most important thing you learned?

I didn’t really have a mentor. However, the closest person would have to be Usman Asif. He taught me value of time, perseverance and genuine hard work. I can conformably say that he was one of the people who shaped who I am ’til this day. His favourite catch phrase was, “The less you sleep, the less tired you feel”. This was the stage of my life I started drinking coffee.

What’s your all-time favourite movie?

My all time favourite movie is, “The Butterfly Effect”. The movie’s concept is “Attempting to change the past to better your present circumstances will always lead to unintended consequences.”

What are your activities for de-stress and relaxation?

I love BBQs, longs car cruises and spending time with my wife (Hulya) and three boys (Mirac, Berat and Eyyub). Maximum relaxation is when all of those occur at the same time!

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