Port of Melbourne Experiences Rise in Container Volumes

Port of Melbourne

Dubbed as Australia’s best-connected port for being Australia’s largest container and general cargo port, the Port of Melbourne is once again a sight for busy and thriving commerce.

After a rather lean first half of the year with an observable decrease in container volume levels, the distinguished port has been reported to be experiencing a container volume rebound since July 2022. 

The container volume levels for July 2022 rose by 3.7% as compared to the same period last year. Whether due to the economy regaining its momentum or increased demand for freight, the fact remains that there is growth in the use of ports and freight services. Certainly, the ongoing trend is a spillover of the industrial actions occurring in European ports. 

Aside from industrialisation, other variables also affect freight services and, consequently, business trends: Weather conditions become more unpredictable and breach record levels affecting the efficiency and productivity of ports all over the world. These contribute to freight congestion, considering also that we are entering peak business seasons that inevitably put pressure on the supply chain.

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