Benefits of Working with an Australian Trusted Trader

In choosing a service provider in the logistics industry, it’s important to know which badges or seals of approval are worth considering.
One important accreditation is the Australian Trusted Trader. A Trusted Trader company means that they have been evaluated based on the World Customs Organization Standards.

Benefits of being an Australian Trusted Trader

After going through a long, strict process of accreditation, once a company gets approval, they have access to certain benefits:

  • Priority treatment of goods at the border, which means faster customs processing and less interventions
  • Monthly data reports on imported and exported goods, which helps manage data and reduce fraud risk 
  • Australian Government partnerships that provide businesses with a seamless border experience through the Known Consignor initiative
  • Duty Deferral Plus that allows trusted traders to defer payment of duty to a consolidated monthly payment
  • Origin Waiver Benefit saves time and money as Declarations of origin are no longer required in countries within the 10 free trade agreements:
    • Australia-Chile
    • Japan-Australia
    • Korea-Australia
    • Malaysia-Australia
    • Singapore-Australia
    • Thailand-Australia
    • Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement
    • Australia-Hong Kong
    • Peru-Australia
    • Comprehensive and Progressive Economic Partnership Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership
    • Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations Plus
    • Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement

Benefits of Working With an Australian Trusted Trader

Businesses can definitely benefit from working with an Australian Trusted Trader like McHugh and Eastwood because overall, given you peace of mind that ME has compliant trade practices and a secure supply chain and  it saves them a lot of time and money in the whole logistics process: from cargo transport, to cargo clearance.

Along with this, ME has the expertise and over 4 decades of experience in the industry that allows them to provide the best service and support to old and new companies alike.

For more information about the benefits of working with an Australian Trusted Trader, you may reach out to your usual contact at ME or email

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