Attention Food Importers and Brokers: Regulatory Changes to Mandatory Allergen Declaration

Effective 25th February, there will be a new policy on food label declaration to ensure that consumers can easily identify allergens that are present in food.

Some highlights include:

– Food manufactured or produced starting 25th February 2024 should comply to the new requirements in Standards 1.2.3 as indicated in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

– A two-year stock in trade period provides that allowance of food packaged and labeled before the end of the 2 year period to be sold for up to 2 years

– For food that requires a label, importers need to declare allergens for ingredients, additives or processing

For more information, you may visit the page on the New Mandatory Allergen Labeling Requirements on the Department of Agriculture’s website.

McHugh and Eastwood keep up to date with recent policy updates to ensure that clients and partners are kept informed with the shipping movement of their goods. For consultation, you may contact our customer support team.

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